Unither discusses pharmaceutical dosage forms and unit doses

Pharmaceutical dosage forms: making the right choice

With over 25 years’ experience in the contract manufacture of pharmaceutical dosage forms, Unither is ideally positioned to advise and assist its customers in making the selection of the appropriate dosage forms for their needs.  We have particular expertise in manufacturing unit doses, but can also assist with other traditional dosage forms such as pharmaceutical bottles.  Our broad product portfolio, R&D facilities and manufacturing flexibility also enables us to create pharmaceutical dosage forms for a considerable variety of medications and treatments.  These include not only widely-used current formulations, but less-commonly required therapies, for example legacy drugs and orphan drugs.

Dosage forms – discover our unit dose expertise

Unither specializes in unit doses and can provide dosage forms for an extensive range of applications, such as buccal health, cold and flu remedies, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, pain management, respiratory disease, rhinology, gynecology and wound management.  Our dosage form options include blow-fill-seal (BFS), powder stick pack and liquid stick pack technologies.  Unither has also developed and patented Uniflash®, an innovative BTM (Buccal Trans-Mucus) systemic drug delivery system that provides an alternative to the use of intravenous solutions. To find out more about all our pharmaceutical dosage forms and collaborating with Unither, please do not hesitate to contact our dosage forms specialists.