Effervescent granules, granules for pharma applications: Unither

Unither considers effervescent granules and their advantages. Why opt for effervescent granules?

Like effervescent tablets, effervescent granules for pharma applications are an effective way of delivering large quantities of active pharmaceutical ingredients in a form that is easy to use and acceptable to patients.  Sprinkled into liquid, effervescent granules dissolve rapidly and, combined with flavorings as required, create a bubbly solution that is both easy to administer and pleasant to drink, thus encouraging patients to comply with their prescribed medication.  Effervescent granules can thus be particularly suitable for pediatric medications.  They can also be useful when a patient’s condition necessitates additional hydration, and for adult patients whose conditions mean that solid dosage forms are inappropriate, for example if swallowing is difficult.

Developing granules for pharma applications

Developing effervescent granules for pharma applications is not always simple, but with well over two decades of experience in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, including specific expertise in effervescent formulations, Unither is ideally positioned to create a wide variety of effervescent granules for our pharma customers.  We possess excellent in-house research and development facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, and our technologies include wet granulation and powder stick pack unit doses.  In addition, our services are offered on a flexible basis, so whether you require full development of an innovative drug, or simply want to update an existing product, we can provide the advice and assistance you require.  Please contact us to find out more.