Liquid dosage forms: Unither, manufacturer of liquid dosage forms

Innovative new liquid dosage forms: single unit doses in liquid stick packs. Advantages of liquid dosage forms :

Liquid dosage forms are sometimes considered to be outmoded, but with innovative new approaches that enable the creation of single unit doses, this is simply not the case. Naturally, traditional liquid forms of drugs still have their uses, for example for over-the-counter cough remedies.  Nonetheless, as medications, prescribing practice and patients’ lifestyles change, pre-measured liquid dosage forms have considerably increased in popularity.  Unither, as a specialist contract manufacturer of single unit doses, has pioneered the development of both blow-fill-seal (BFS) vials and liquid stick packs.  These offer numerous advantages, being lightweight, portable, non-breakable, tamper-proof, stable and easy-to-use.  Moreover, these liquid dose forms remain sterile until opened and can reduce or eliminate the need to use preservatives in their formulation.

Contract manufacturing of liquid dosage forms

Unither has been a contract manufacturer of liquid dosage forms for more than two decades, and our customers therefore benefit from a wealth of experience.  From manufacturing pharmaceutical bottles for traditional liquid dosage forms to innovating in the creation of new pharma packaging technologies, notably liquid stick packs, Unither adapts its offering to suit your needs.  Whether you’re looking for our input right from initial R &D, or are seeking to move from traditional to single dose forms, we can offer the best liquid dosage forms to meet your needs.  Please do not hesitate to find out more about our liquid dose form technologies and to get in touch to discover about Unither can assist you.