Orodispersible tablets, oral disintegrating tablet manufacturer: Unither

Orodispersible tablets – delivering drugs. Advantages of oral disintegrating tablet forms</h2>

Orodispersible, or oral disintegrating tablets, are a relatively recent dosage form, and one which is increasing in popularity with both medical practitioners and patients.  As the name suggests, oral disintegrating tablets dissolve rapidly in the mouth, thanks to their easy-dissolve formulation.  They are thus a very effective way of achieving rapid absorption of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), which in turn ensures rapid onset of the medication’s action.  In addition, the use of oral disintegrating tablets avoids first pass metabolism, and thus maximizes the quantity of API which reaches its target.  In addition, as a solid dosage form, oral dispersible tablets are stable, do not require any water for administration, are simple to dose accurately, and can be easily packaged and handled.  In short, they are a very practical choice for numerous types of medications.

Unither’s experience in the manufacture of orodispersible tablets

Unither has decades of experience of contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, including specific know-how in the development and production of orodispersible tablets.  With comprehensive in-house research and development capacities, modern production lines operated by skilled technical and production teams, and impeccable quality control that has enabled our accreditation to European standards, we are the ideal partner for all your needs in the contract manufacture of orodispersible tablets.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about how we can help you.