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Unither Mariol Industrial Ltda

Barretos, SP, Brazil
This facility was acquired from Mariol Industrial in December 2015 to establish a Brazilian manufacturing footprint. Deep expertise in the development and manufacture of oral solids, liquids, vitamins supplements.

  • Delivering 50 million bottles per year
  • Bottle contents from 10 mL to 300 mL
Liquid Stick-Pack
  • Delivering 100 million sticks per year
  • Unit-doses contents from 2.5 mL to 20 mL

Dedicated Team

A team of formulation and analysts experts develop new products for the Brazilian market.

Site Specialty

Unistick® technologies to capture CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) opportunities in the South American Region.

Standards & Regulations


Technologies & Products

  • Dry & Liquid pharmaceutical forms: tablets, capsules, powders, granules, solutions, syrup
  • and suspensions.
  • Multi-system primary packaging: Blisters, bottles, tubes, sachet and stick-packs
  • Secondary packaging including clinical labelling and international distribution network
  • Tanks: Two tanks with 4.000 liters; Four tanks with 2.000 liters and Two tanks with 1.000 liters.
  • State of the art equipment: HPLC(1), GC(1), In vitro dissolution tester Apparatus I,II & IV, FT-IR spectrophotometer (1).
  • Inter-lab analytical method transfer according to ICH or customized protocols
  • Container/Closure systems compatibility studies
  • Stability studies following ICH and WHO recommendations (4 rooms)
  • Scale-up and Manufacturing Process Validation
  • Analytical Services (Quality Control)
  • cGMP Clinical Batches (Pilot and Industrial Scale)
  • ICH Stability (Clinical Batches Registration and On-going)
  • Liquid Stick-Packs: Unisticks® (online 2017)
  • Liquid Bottles: Solutions and Suspensions for Oral and Topical Use in Extended and Controlled Release Formulations

Authorizations & Certifications

The site is ANVISA inspected and ANVISA approved.

Contact Unither do Brasil (Comercial Office) - How to get there

Unither do Brasil (Comercial Office)
Rua Coronel Oscar Porto, 736 - 3°Andar - Conjunto 33B
CEP 04003-004, Vila Mariana SÃO PAULO/SP - BRASIL
Phone: +55 (11) 3939 0757, +55 (11) 993 822 538