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Unither Development Bordeaux

Le Haillan, Bordeaux, France
Le Haillan site was acquired from Créapharm group in 2005, when it was their R&D center. This allowed us to serve pharmaceutical companies wishing to outsource product development, and provided a platform for internal development of newly patented or non-patented formulations and technologies for our customers to license and market.

The site offers expertise in the development of all conventional dosage forms of New Chemical Entities at very early stages (Phase I and Phase II), and can rapidly manufacture clinical batches for initial trials.

The teams develop several generic products each year and tech-transfer to Unither’s industrial sites or to a site selected by the customer.

  • Clinical batches in GMP facilities
  • Turnkey products ready for market

Dedicated Team

Fifty highly trained PhD’s, Phar.D., MSc and scientific operators are assigned two-thirds to Analytics and one-third to Formulation.

Site Specialty

  • Research and Development, clinical batches early-stages, orphan drugs

Standards & Regulations

  • European cGMP
  • We also offer services compliant with ICH & FDA/USP guidelines.

Technologies & Products

  • Formulation and Process Development for Drug Products
  • Formulation and Process Development for Medical Devices
  • Analytical Services (Development and/or Validation)
  • cGMP Small-Scale Batches (Clinical Phase I and II)
  • cGMP Medium Scale-Batches (Clinical Phase II and III, and Commercial)
  • Primary Packaging of Clinical Batches
  • ICH Stability (Pre-stability, Development, Clinical Batches)
  • Scale-up and Manufacturing Process Validation
  • Analytical Services (Quality Control)
  • ICH Stability (Clinical Batches Registration and On-going)
  • Tablets in Blisters
  • Hard-shell Capsules (Liquid and Powder Filling)
  • Effervescent Tablets in Tubes
  • Chewable and Orodispersible Tablets in Tubes
  • Liquid Stick-Packs: Unisticks®
  • Suppositories and Pessaries
  • Semi-Solid Topical in Tubes
  • Powder Stick-Packs: Unisticks®
  • Mini-Tablet Stick-Packs: Unisticks®
  • Liquid Bottles: Solutions and Suspensions for Oral and Topical Use
  • Drops and Sprayers

Authorizations & Certifications

This site is inspected by ANSM and ANSES (French Health Authorities).

Specific agreement from ANSM:

  • Manufacture and control of medicine for human use.
  • Manufacture of medicine for clinical trials (human)
  • Export / import to other countries
  • Hormones / Sulfamid / Narcotic drugs
  • Cosmetics

Specific agreement from ANSES:

  • Manufacture and control of medicine for animal use
  • Manufacture of medicine for clinical trials (animal)

Specific agreement from MNCPC (Mission Nationale de Contrôle desPrécurseurs Chimiques)

  • Import / purchase / storage / transportation of precursor drugs

Specific agreement from CIR (Crédit Impôt Recherche du Ministère de l’EnseignementSupérieur et de la Recherche)

  • French tax credit / refund (The site is certified for the French Tax Credit from 2015 to 2019)

Contact Bordeaux - How to get there

Unither Développement Bordeaux
Phone: 00 33 (0)5 56 34 20 59
Fax: 00 33 (0)5 56 47 67 84
How to Get There
  • road: See the map
  • train: Bordeaux rail station (27 km)
  • plane: Bordeaux-Mérignac airport (5 km)