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Solid dosage forms for efficient and effective drug delivery : Advantages of solid dosage forms

Solid dosage forms, such as tablets, granules and powders, possess a number of advantages from the point of view of both patients and medical practitioners. Easy to package and carry around, solid dosage forms are also difficult to tamper with, stable and easy to dose accurately – approximately 80% of errors in medication are associated with the use of liquid formulations.  For many years, traditional tablets proved the most popular solid dosage forms, but as technology has advanced both effervescent tablets and orodispersibles have enjoyed increasing popularity.  Perhaps the most significant change in solid dosage forms has been the move to single unit doses, notably powder stick packs, which provide an exceptionally convenient delivery mode for medications in the form of powders and granules.

Solid dosage form contract manufacturer

As a solid dosage form contract manufacturer of more than twenty year’s standing, with not only modern production but also specialist in-house R&D facilities, Unither is able to provide a very wide range of flexible, tailor-made services in drugs development, production and marketing. We can collaborate with you at the initial stages of research and development in order to create a new solid dosage form, or we can partner you in the reformulation or repackaging of an existing one.  We warmly invite you to learn more about our solid dose form technologies and to contact us to begin discussions about how Unither can contribute to your success.