Sterile pharmaceutical products: Unither, contract manufacturer

Unither, long-standing specialist manufacturer of sterile pharmaceutical productsDiscover Unither’s single dose expertise

Since the foundation of the company more than a quarter of a century ago, Unither has gone from strength to strength as a contract manufacturer of sterile pharmaceutical products.  Created with the aspiration to provide both prescribers and patients with user-friendly pharma products that make their lives better, Unither has ceaselessly focused on combining innovation with affordability.  In particular, the company has concentrated on developing and manufacturing single dose sterile pharmaceutical products, using state-of-the-art technologies including blow-fill-seal (BFS) vials, liquid stick packs and powder stick packs.  Ideal for busy modern lifestyles, these handy pre-measured unit dose forms are both easy to transport and to administer, and thus significantly improve not only dosage accuracy, but also patient compliance with their prescribed regime of medication.

Discover Unither’s sterile pharmaceutical products contract manufacturing capabilities

As part of its business strategy, Unither has developed eight plants on three continents, investing not just in its production facilities, but also in research and development and quality control systems that ensure its sterile pharmaceutical products meet international quality standards. In addition, we offer our customers an extensive choice of modes of collaboration, from full product development to branding and marketing one of our successful formulations.  So why not take a few moments to find out more about what our sterile pharmaceutical products technologies can do for you?