Unit dose packaging by Unither, unit dose manufacturer

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While just a few decades ago unit dose packaging was in its infancy, it is now a popular choice for drug delivery.  This is because the world of pharmaceuticals and drugs development is constantly changing: not only do researchers find new treatments and therapies, but prescribing practice evolves, as do patients’ lifestyles.  Consequently, traditional dosage forms such as pharmaceutical bottles are now being complemented or replaced by unit dose forms.  As the name suggests, unit dose packaging allows for medications and health supplements to be individually packaged by unit dose.  While not appropriate for all applications, unit doses offer enhanced portability, ease of use, optimal product integrity, and dosage accuracy.  At Unither, we have been contract manufacturing unit doses for many years, and can work with our customers on everything from creating a customized new product, to repackaging or rebranding an existing one.

Types of unit dose packaging

Unither manufactures a comprehensive range of unit dose technologies, including blister packs, sterile single-use blow-fill-seal (BFS) packaging, powder stick packs, liquid stick packs, and effervescent and orodispersible tablets.  From ophthalmological drops to analgesics, via vitamin supplements and remedies for headaches, colds and coughs, and digestive problems, our unit dose technology is suitable for numerous applications.  We invite you to contact us to find out more about working in partnership with Unither, unit dose packaging contract manufacturers par excellence!