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Employee Analysis

1,110 employees in France, USA, and Brazil. (December 2014)

21% of our employees are professional, experts or managers, 43% are technicians, and 36% are industrial workers or administrative employees.

Role types

The Group's employees work in the following areas:

working at unither

(non-exhaustive list)

Production, maintenance and logistics account for some 60% of our employees, while another 20% work in quality.

The fact that almost 8% of employees work in research and development shows that we value innovation!

In 2014 we hired mostly in Business Development, Research and Development, Supply chain and Production.

In France alone, we added 60 staff between 2012 and 2014.

In 2014, our French plants recorded 4% of trainees on a work/study program, across all departments from Production, to HR, even Research and Development. Our partnerships with leading universities and schools allow us to welcome and mentor qualified and motivated students.

In 2015 we experimented with our first V.I.E. (a French international internship program) and sent our first envoy from France to the US, which was a great way to share our experiences, and ultimately work better together in a global and multicultural context.