Unither Pharmaceuticals

About Us

Unither Pharmaceuticals is a global leader in the
manufacture of single unit dose pharmaceutical
products, using sterile BFS (Blow-Fill-Seal) and 
stick-packs technologies.

The Single Best Way to Deliver

Eric G

“We are a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) focused on a few premeasured dosage forms that are preferred by patients. In the U.S., these are currently sterile blow-fill-seal (BFS), and Unistick® liquid stick-packs. We help our customers develop products that we manufacture and fill, and we also create pharmaceutical products that our customers can immediately brand, market, and sell. There are great market opportunities for our customers worldwide.“

Eric Goupil, CEO

Our mission is to provide innovative, competitive, and sustainable solutions to our customers. We do this by combining extensive expertise in drug delivery technologies and fill-finish operations with our growing understanding of patient needs and experience in product and process development.


We are a global leader in single unit dosage forms, with technologies enabling line extensions and product differentiation that supports lifestyle-related shifts in consumer needs, as well as dosing and compliance challenges in certain patient demographics.

Our products and services create opportunities to develop line extensions and extend product lifecycles. Single unit dosage forms and delivery systems are available for both Rx and OTC products.

Your Manufacturing Partner

We can also be a global development and manufacturing partner for proprietary and generic pharmaceutical dosage forms. We have R&D and manufacturing in Europe, a manufacturing facility in North America, and sales offices in China and Brazil.