Why Unither

Differences Welcome!

Laurent DEMAGNEZ portrait

The success of our company is based on an organizational model that promotes autonomy and diversity. To satisfy our customers and reach our performance objectives we enable our employees to choose their work-content and sustain a business project adapted to their life and career project. Our HR ambition is to boost employee satisfaction internally, and the attractiveness of our "employer brand" externally.

Our policy is based on strong values that convey a corporate culture around the world.

We want to:

  • succeed in the development of the Group through the development of people,
  • achieve international growth of the company by promoting mobility,
  • change our organizations by promoting the promotion of people with potential,
  • foster cooperation in the world by encouraging the taking initiative,
  • and finally prepare the future by integrating digital as an opportunity.

We believe that the performance of our company depends on the human factor. A person’s self-motivation, self-development and the reconciliation between professional life and private life are essential. One other important aspect is the collective by the search of social dialogue and commitment.

Laurent Demagnez
Director of Human Resources