Values in Action


At Unither, we don't post our values on the walls of our factories and offices, we display them every day through action!

We have five core values: Courage, Innovation, Responsibility, Respect and Trust. Each value engenders the behavior we expect from every single employee. Our executives and managers are committed to these values and communicate them daily, so that every employee can make them a part of their work ethic.

We are equity oriented, and not singular in our actions or practices. We understand that business and legal requirements vary between around the world, but we adhere to our principles across our organization. Equitable does not mean identical. One of the many benefits of Unither is our size and our decentralized operating model. We remain true to the Unither identity, which differentiates us from our competitors.

Each value shapes the behavior we expect from every single employee, at every single level, every single day. All HR projects are driven by our five values to motivate, reward, and empower our employees. By empowering our employees, we empower Unither to continue its growth as a pioneer in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

HR Policy

At Unither, we believe that an employee's background, skills, and potential enrich the company.

Every employee brings their history to the company and takes charge of their own future. Our HR policy is built to ensure the success of our employees, which ensures the success of our company. We show our employees that they are valued, respected, and supported, and we help them grow and develop, year after year. They are our company’s most vital resource.

Vacancies are advertised internally to all employees. At Unither we aim to ensure successful integration into new functions by providing training courses and offering support through two annual interviews to discuss current resources and future prospects.

Employee Relations
We believe that the collective working environment is built on individual perceptions, so we listen to our employees at the personal level to gain a 50,000 ft. view of our corporate culture. We use this view to make advances in management and employee relations.

Employees and Organizational Structures
At Unither, when we invite someone to join us, we are committed to helping them fit in. We want an organizational structure that allows for employee initiative and encourages innovation. We favor individual responsibility; employees are not only actors in, but also directors of their careers at Unither. Organization functions through cooperation and coordination of efforts at every level.

Information and Communication
We believe that a harmonious working environment requires internal and external communication. Working at Unither is about communicating with each other and for each other to provide an environment rich in commitment, dedication and collaboration.

We do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, age, origin, beliefs or culture. Each day, we strive to make decisions that respect personal life but focus on job performance and employee satisfaction. We are equity oriented and understand that business and legal requirements vary between locations. Unither adheres to our ethical principles across our organization.

We adhere to the rules of equity and fairness. Dedication and initiative are rewarded. Our HR policy is based on a unified system of values to ensure that our actions are consistent throughout the group. This guides our behavior in everything we do.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Unither is an equal opportunity employer. We thrive on diversity. We respect different cultures, countries, experiences, races, genders, ages, beliefs, and perspectives. We foster a climate conducive to learning, adapting, and blending our differences into a flexible and effective organization. We love finding innovative new ways of working. We value our differences and trust each other to work together to perform the important work we are honored and privileged to do for our customers and their patients. As we continue to expand, we seek to learn, develop, adapt, and grow together.