About Unither

Employee Analysis

Effectifs EN 2019

1532 employees work at Unither in France, Brazil, USA and China (December 2019).

Role types

 Effectifs par domaines EN 2019

Production, maintenance and logistics account for some 62% of our employees, while another 20% work in quality.

The fact that 6% of our employees work in research and development shows that we value innovation!

In France only, we added 120 permanent staff in 2018.

In 2019, our plants welcomed 52 trainees and 56 students on a work/study program, across all departments from Production, to HR and Research and Development.

Workforce by SPC

 Effectifs par CSP EN 2019

Unither proposes opportunities for all profiles. Our teams are composed of workers (33%), Advanced Technicians (36%) and Supervisor and Executive (31%).