A word from our HR Director

Since its creation, the development of Unither’s employees has been closely linked to the Group's development because we believe that the success of the company depends on that of its employees.

Our HR strategy aims to build successful teams and create the conditions for individual and collective commitment in a sustainable way.

To achieve this goal, we encourage initiative and autonomy, allowing everyone to act and express themselves in their work and establish the principle of respect, responsibility, and trust at the heart of our relationships.

We seek to recognize the contribution of our employees by offering them the opportunity to grow within the company and express their potential.

Working at Unither means participating in an ambitious business project - that of offering innovative health products which simplify the lives of patients around the world.

It is also part of a growth context, both in France and internationally, with strong momentum and development opportunities.

Perrine MILLEREUX - Human Resources Director


At Unither, we don’t just display our values, we want them to be lived. Our actions and behaviors are based on five core values: courage, innovation, responsibility, respect and trust.

These values express the nature of our commitment to our partners and are part of our relationship with our customers. Values guide our ways of working and drive our behavior internally. Our employees live these values on a daily basis through our organizational and management model, regardless of their function or level of responsibility in the company.

HR policy

A strong identity to sustainably drive the commitment of our employees to the service of the company project:


Based on a clearly stated employer identity, we want to federate our teams and attract our future talents around a motivating business project.


We consider that the motivation and commitment of employees is an essential driver of our success. We want each individual to find this motivation by actively taking part in the company’s projects, participating in new challenges and technical challenges, while we make sure to recognize the results and practice of the work.


We also seek to foster dialogue and cooperation at all levels of the company, with all stakeholders, relying on innovative tools supported by technology at the service of employees.


We attach great importance to the principles of equality of opportunity and equity to bring differences and diversity to life in our organization.


Our HR policy aims to support all of these principles in order to serve the growth of Unither and its employees.


We believe in the support of people at the time of their onboarding and then in their career evolution within the Group. We give them the ability to express their evolution wishes or mobility and have structured a program of management of potentials in order to bring out our talents and support them in their development.


We believe that every employee should be able to express:

  • The knowledge they want to acquire, or the behaviors and skills they want to develop,
  • The means they want to have,
  • Proposals that would be able to maintain and advance their motivation.

Relationships with employees

We believe that perception is the first form of reality, so we ensure that several forms of expression, individual and collective, are expressed to measure our results and change our practices.


Find the results of our 2021 employer brand survey submitted to all of our employees by clicking on this link.


Respect for the fundamental rights of individuals; the protection of employees’ personal data; health and safety in the work environment; the correct balance between work and private life; and the fight against all forms of discrimination – all of these issues are the subject of commitments and activities wherever we are located. We do not treat these issues solely out of regulatory obligation, but also and above all as expectations of our HR policy.


Employees’ place in organizational structures

Our organizational model is based on autonomy and empowerment, on the contribution of people rather than guidelines, on a decentralized organization where delegation is closest to those who do. Our organizations are based on the principle of “having the right person, in the right place, and at the right time”, and on the ability of these people to collaborate with each other.


I joined UNITHER Industries in Gannat in February 2008.

For more than 10 years, I have had the opportunity to see my skills and responsibilities evolve to contribute to the Group’s success.

I have held several positions in the methods, maintenance, engineering and production departments. And today I am a passionate Head of Operations.

Every day is a new challenge where all decisions and actions contribute to the achievement of the objectives and count for the future of the Gannat site.

Gannat’s difficult past and UNITHER DNA have forged reliable, dynamic and inventive teams.
Faced with the challenges of everyday life, we strive to remain united and maintain a good working atmosphere.

The UNITHER Group gives you the opportunity to grow with it and nothing is impossible.

I’m Ni Zeng, pharmacist and PhD as education background. My journey in Unither started in May 2012 which was my third year in France. During my master 2 training in AGEPS (AP-HP), I had the chance to get in touch with Marc Maury, scientific director of Unither for a R&D collaboration between Paris Descartes University, AP-HP and Unither, for which I strongly felt the ambition of Unither on innovation. After three years’ PhD, I was officially hired by Unither as development project manager, thanks to management’s trust, in 2017 I became general development manager China. My mission has been to establish the first footprint in China by founding a WOFE subsidiary, hiring people, developing business and also R&D projects. Today we have a motivated and dynamic team in Wuhan. Due to my 10 years’ living experience in France, my routing work is not only to manage local activities, but also to facilitate the intercultural communication, a good understanding is challenging but essential for an international growth.

Unither for me is the place to explore my potential and talent, the very open atmosphere and strong support on employee’s professional development allow me to keep learning, growing and bringing values to the company.

When I joined Unither in 2004, I thought I would stay there for 5 to 6 years to gain a first experience. Here I am in 2020 still at Unither, more motivated and invested in my work than ever.

After various operational functions in pharmaceutical development, (Development Engineer and Project Manager at two production sites, Head of Development and Head of Development and Validation of the Amiens site), Unither allowed me to move into a position of Group Development Project Manager in the Innovation and Development department. I went from industrialization to pharmaceutical design upstream.

Today my daily life is rich both technically by the diversity of activities – galenic, analytical, clinical and industrial – as by the management of interfaces – group factories – subcontractors, partners and health authorities – all in a multicultural environment.

Unither is a dynamic company that creates an environment conducive to change and new opportunities. It’s up to you to seize them!

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