Analytical services

Methods development and validation for quality control and stability testing

API characterization: solubility, polymorphysm, particles sizes distribution

Stress testing

Discriminating dissolution tests development

Advanced equipment

Container / closure systems compatibility studies (leachables, sorption studies) Functional testing

Unknown substances identification, synthesis and characterization

Quality control

Inter-lab analytical method transfer according to ICH or customized protocols

Stability studies following ICH and WHO recommendations
(10 rooms for different storage conditions, from 2–40+ cubic meters capacity per chamber)

Active ingredients and finished products monograph preparation

ICH Stability Programs

Qualified ICH climatic chambers equipped with recording systems and security alarms provide:

  • Climatic zones I, II, III, IV
  • Reduced humidity for semi-permeable products
  • Sun-test for photo-stability testing.

Crystal software provides sample handling with 100% traceability of entry and removal of stock. Storage of products is provided as a stand-alone service, and may or may not include the analysis package. Climate controlled and regular shipping services are available.

ICH Climatic Storage Capacity

ICH climatic chambers

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Conditions Volume in m3
25°C/60% RH 41
25°C/40% RH 23
30°C/65% RH 27
30°C/70% RH 6
30°C/75% RH 16
30°C/35% RH 5
40°C/75% RH 27
40°C/25% RH 3
5°C 2
-20°C 0.5


Production of commercial batches

Regulatory expertise