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Our history


Building and growing for over 20 years

Created with the purchase of a small Sanofi pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Amiens, France, Unither grew rapidly through sterile unit dose manufacture using Blow-Fill-Seal technology (BFS), and a unique pricing structure­—the first vial to come off the line costs the customer the same as the millionth.

Capacity Expansion

With the implementation of our new capacity in BFS and stick-pack we expanded our manufacturing footprint in the US to promote our unit dose expertise.

Client base expansion

We continued to expand our client base in North America identifying CDMO unit dose opportunities based on BFS and stick-pack, while combining product offerings in solid orals (tablets, capsules), controlled release liquid suspensions for existing and new customers.

Market penetration

We accelerated our North American market penetration as a CDMO with new clients in the OTC and Rx markets for our unit dose offerings: BFS, stick-pack and existing technologies (tablets, capsules, controlled release liquid suspensions.)

2017 and Beyond

We continue to develop a pipeline of new product opportunities, capitalizing on our global expertise in BFS and stick-pack and the commercial production of these products manufactured in Rochester New York for the North American Market.