Why Unither

Differences Welcome!
Laurent DEMAGNEZ portrait

Here at Unither, we believe that people are what makes our company great, so our human resources policy is built around the importance of what we call 'employee worth’.

It’s important for everyone to believe in the company's values and culture. These values guide our actions every day. We want everyone to contribute to improving employee worth.

Growth, competition and internationalization: we all contribute to achieving these goals. Growth gives everyone the opportunity to mature and develop. Competition encourages merit and initiative. Internationalization provides prospects for those who want to work abroad.

Our HR policy can be seen as a house. The foundations are our values and the frame timbers are our actions. Through these actions we improve the performance and durability of the teams that are building our company. The roof is the vision of the HR department, which provides guidance, offers assistance, and nurtures growth.

We are not afraid of culture shock, we can assist with the changes caused by rapid development and the resulting fears and frustrations. We care deeply about our employees, and this is demonstrated in all of our interactions with them. Working here is a unique experience that can only be discovered by joining us!

I am pleased and proud to say that we provide an excellent working environment and encourage everyone to share in the adventure. Each employee, in his or her own individual role, is an integral and important part of the continued development of Unither, and is respected as such.

You’ll discover new ways of working with us when you join us!

Laurent Demagnez
Director of Human Resources