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According to the National Institutes of Health1, medication adherence is the compliance of a patient with the provider’s instructions regarding the proper timing, frequency, and dosage of a medicine. Poor medication adherence is a major global medical problem. According to the National Institutes of Health1, types of non-compliance include:

Impact in the U.S.

  • Up to 50% of prescribed medications are taken incorrectly or not at all. 2
  • 125,000 early deaths per year attributed to poor medication adherence.3
  • Patient non-compliance results in over $200 billion in direct annual costs. 4
  • One- to two-thirds of hospital admissions for adverse drug events are caused by poor compliance.3
  • Up to 40% of nursing home admissions are due to medication non-adherence. 5
  • A child is medicated incorrectly every eight minutes. 6
  • Older adults are at an increased risk due to many factors including impaired motor skills, poor eyesight, and cognitive issues.

About Unither Pharmaceuticals

Unither Pharmaceuticals is a unique development and manufacturing partner and a global leader in single unit dose technologies such as sterile blow-fill-seal and liquid stick-packs. We focus on providing affordable, innovative, and easy-to-use dosage forms that simplify the lives of patients around the world.

Our technologies benefit patients by offering improved safety and compliance with premeasured, individually labeled, single doses that are portable, convenient, and reduce the risk of medication errors.

Speak to Unither Pharmaceuticals today about the single best way to deliver.

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