Out-licensing, different options:

1- License
or transfer of MA

Following the development of in-house products and the compilation of the registration dossiers, we grant licenses on our MAs (marketing authorization) obtained either in DCP (decentralized procedure) or a national repository for a possible extension with a MRP (mutual recognition procedure) depending on market demands or the needs of our partners.

2- Sale of pharmaceutical

We can also assign to our partners the rights to the dossiers ready to be submitted for the registration and marketing of products on their territories.

3- Medical devices

In parallel to drugs with an existing MA, we also develop and offer medical devices certified by notified bodies within the European Community.

All our records, MAs, and medical device certifications are intended to be used under license throughout Europe, and in the rest of the world with some adjustments, based on requests from local health authorities.

Whatever the type of partnership set up, we ensure the exclusive production of licensed products.

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