Unither is the worldwide leader in sterile unit-dose production 

Unither is the worldwide leader in sterile unit-dose production using Blow-fill-seal (BFS) technology. Through our sites in North America, Europe and China, we can manage the development of a BFS product from concept to manufacturing, providing the benefit of our development expertise and market intelligence. Every day, we provide innovative blow-fill-seal technology solutions to improve customers’ products and extend existing product lines.


  • Filling: 0,25ml to 10ml
  • Compounding and filling of solutions, suspensions, emulsions and gels
  • Several solutions for individual identification of the doses: flexible ink jet printing, labels, embossing, hot stamping


  • Preservative-free single-unit doses
  • Ensures that the patient takes the correct amount of product
  • Portable and easy to use individually, excellent properties for today’s active lifestyles

Authorizations &

All sites are regularly inspected by European authorities in order to be able to supply products to European markets. One European site and the US site are inspected and accredited by the FDA (USA) in order to supply the US market. These sites are also inspected by ANVISA (Brazil), SKFDA (South Korean FDA), EMA (Europe) and other health authorities around the world.

Manufacturing plants

Amiens, France
> 2,5 billion unit doses/year

Gannat, France
650 million unit doses/year

Coutances, France
1,5 billion unit doses/year

Rochester, NY USA
400 million unit doses/year

Nanjing, China



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