Unither Pharmaceuticals

Licensing & Partnering

Unither develops products for licensing out on the basis
of unit dose technology : sterile single-use doses with
the BFS (Blow-Fill-Seal) technology, powder and liquid
stick-packs and more.

True collaboration

We license unit dose sterile BFS, and powder and liquid stick-pack technology to our partners. Thanks to unrivalled expertise in market trends, and innovative development, our research and development labs offer novel, highly competitive pharmaceutical formulations: Unistick®, Uniflash®, Solgel technology platform and the saliva equivalent Novasial®.

In addition to liquid technologies, Unither develops improved dry forms such as chewable and effervescent tablets, dispersible and orodispersible formulations, and mini-tablets in stick-packs.

Unither secures Marketing Authorizations (MA) in Europe with the MRP (Mutual Recognition Procedure). Medical Devices are approved by Notified Bodies within the EC (European Community).

All dossiers, drug products MA and Medical Devices of turnkey products are developed for licensing throughout Europe, and elsewhere in the world with some adjustment if required by local Health Authorities.

Case Study

We developed an OTC stick-pack of liquid carbocysteine (a mucolytic) for productive cough. This product is the first on the market with an individual disposable packaging. The stick-pack allows the patient to easily carry two or three doses for the day, instead of a full bottle of syrup and a dosing cup. This greatly improves the chances that the patient will take the correct dose, at the correct time. MA’s were granted in several European countries, and sold to one Big Pharma and three medium-sized pharma companies that are marketing the product under their own brand names.

Our turnkey solutions and massive manufacturing capacity make us the ideal partner for companies wishing to enter the marketplace quickly, with distinctive and innovative products.

Based on market analysis, we select products for development and improvement, and submit MA applications in countries where our customers will market the product.

We offer two types of partnership:

  • The laboratory buys the dossier/MA and signs an exclusive manufacturing contract with Unither 
  • Unither signs a licensing agreement for the MA, in which case Unither remains the owner of the MA, the laboratory markets the product and Unither remains the manufacturer.

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