It is surprising that today, more than half of the population has difficulty taking their oral solid medications. One significant example concerns geriatric patients, for which swallowing problems can affect more than 70% of the elderly population thus can dramatically affect the risk of inobservance of treatments or may cause bad and risky practices such as the crushing of solid dosage forms. Another example concerns children who regularly refuse to take their medication due to bad taste. Indeed, there is an increasing demand from these patients to have access to more convenient medications. Furthermore, this trend is not limited to kids and elderly but may also concern, for example, on-the-go life style people who need to have an easy to take, easy to carry medication allowing to improve their chronic diseases treatment.

At Unither Pharmaceuticals, we focus on improving life of patients while facilitating medications intake.

 As a global leader in single unit dosage forms, we have developed technologies that enable line extensions and product differentiation exploiting lifestyle-related shifts in consumer needs. We constantly strive to provide our customers innovative solutions, competitive and sustainable, while always taking patient needs as a first consideration.

Our Research & Development teams worked during several years to build up a new and innovative technology platform dedicated to convenient solid oral dosage forms.