Achieving success with a new drug therapy is increasingly dependent on dose form and delivery systems that support therapeutic compliance and value, especially for patient groups like the elderly or children.

Medication non-adherence is a significant and ongoing risk to patient safety — its consequences create significant waste in health care, and cost even more in terms of poor patient outcomes. The expectation of better health outcomes in real-world use is leading pharma to focus on key formulation, form and packaging tactics to deliver safer and more effective drugs to patients around the world.

Patient-centric Dose-adherent Innovation on Demand

Technologies that support easy-to-use dosage and packaging forms are readily available at Unither Pharmaceuticals. Specializing in the development and contract manufacturing of non- parenteral sterile and oral dose products, Unither offers a comprehensive range of single-use dosage forms and delivery systems that help mitigate pharmionic issues and support an effective patient-centric therapy.

Unither has experience with many primary packaging forms including single-dose stick-packs and sterile blow-fill-seal containers. These forms are proven to be a convenient and affordable way to consume single doses of liquid and semi-liquid medicines, as well as patient friendly respiratory and orally-digestible dose (OGD) formulations.

Orodispersible Dosage Forms (ODx) have been developed to improve swallowing of oral dosage forms particularly for patients with dysphagia such as geriatric and pediatric population. Oral administration of drugs with bitter or unpleasant taste is an increasing obstacle for the formulation of pharmaceutical ODx. OPTIMASK® is a taste Masking Technology which has been designed to solve these issues: OPTIMASK® makes possible the oral administration of bitter drugs and is compatible even in case of significant drug loading.

Another challenge in the formulation of ODx is the possibility to modify the drug release since ODx are traditionally considered as Immediate Release Formulations. MATRIS® is a microparticle technology designed to modify the release of APIs along the GI tract. This Technology enables the development of modified release ODx formulations with the aim to improve patient convenience and observance to treatments.

These and other innovations allow Unither to support its customers’ patient-centric drug development plans and simplify the lives of patients in real-world use. Moving forward, patients and health care systems will not accept medicines that fail to conform to consumer preferences or deliver expected results in real-world use. Pharmaceutical companies unwilling to consider these imperatives earlier in development are likely to face mounting uncertainty and risk; less return on R&D investment; and products less able to meet the demands of regulators, government agencies, healthcare systems and patients.

Above all, the industry must innovate, working collaboratively to apply the best pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and pharmionic science to create the high-value, high-performing therapies and better health outcomes the world is demanding.