The Pharmaceutical Post Magazine published a whitepaper about our Liquid Stick-Pack technology 

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A new safer, more practical and trendy packaging: the liquid stick-pack

The food industry was the first to use stick-packs for condiments such as ketchup or mustard as well as some dairy products for children. Following this innovation in the food industry packaging liquid or semi-solid forms in stick-packs is increasingly being used in the world of pharmaceuticals.

In the 2000s, ten years after the food industry involvement, Gaviscon® (liquid for gastrointestinal problems) and Ketoderm® (gel for seborrheic dermatitis), were launched along with a number of other specialty products primarily in the OTC space.

Is this a passing fad or are there real advantages being delivered by this innovative packaging? What is the real interest in liquid stick packs?

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Unither, world leader in liquid stick-packs

Unither is a leading industrial company in the liquid stick-pack industry with three sites dedicated to the manufacturing of drugs and medical devices in France, the USA and Brazil.

Specialist in the development or re-development of formulas and the choice of the best foil according to the specifics of the composition in active principle and in excipients, Unither remains competitive in  stick pack technology with comparable prices for the bottle of equivalent capacity.

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Christine Adam, pharmacist and graduate of ESCP-EAP Paris is currently working as a Business Development Manager at Unither and has held positions of Marketing manager, import / export manager of drugs for clinical trials and business developer within several CDMOs (Créapharm, IDPS, etc. ) present on the whole chain of development until the commercial manufacture of the drug.