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Analytical Services

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Analytical testing constantly assesses the product quality from development to final release.

Our team comprises over 20 analytical experts using regularly maintained, updated, and qualified equipment performing the following services:

  • Analytical Methods Development and Validation
  • Analytical Methods Transfer
  • Storage in ICH and WHO recommended climatic chambers conditions (10 suites with all ICH zones including semi-permeable and light exposure stress conditions)
    • ICH Stability Testing for expiration and holding date/time setting
    • Quality Control for QP Release
  • Extractable and Leachable closure system compatibility studies
  • Unknown substances identification and characterization (Using LC-Mass spectroscopy)


  • More than 20 HPLC (Agilent and Waters) equipped with several types of detector such as DAD, refractometer and multi wavelengths detectors
  • 2 UPLC-DAD (screening of analytical methods and Quality Control)
  • 1 H-Class, 1 GC and 1 UPLC/MS coupled system
  • 8 Dissolution testing apparatus SOTAX (on-line UV or HPLC, off-line, flow-through cell USP type IV)
  • IR (FT-IR) detection
  • Karl Fisher, Coulometer, Potentiometer
  • Metered dose inhaler tester