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Primary Packaging

Experience and Capabilities

Unither Développement Bordeaux provides primary packaging services in GMP conditions as a stand-alone service or as a step in a full development project such as:

  • Pre-stability, compatibility and stability studies
  • Photo-stability studies
  • Clinical trials (active, comparator and placebo or packaged in the same material)

Primary Packaging

  • Blister packs (PVC/ALU, PVC-PVDC/ALU, ALU/ALU, Aclar, Triplex)
  • Stick-packs or sachets filled with liquid or powder
  • Rigid tubes for tablets, flexible HDPE tubes, aluminum tubes for topical
  • Pillboxes
  • Vials and bottles

Unither provides simple open-label final packaging.

When randomized double blind packaging is required, we collaborate closely with a local partner who has global storage and distribution services.