Unither Pharmaceuticals
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R&D and Innovation

Creating new products that create new markets
for our customers.

Stay Ahead of the Pack

Our commitment to the success of our customers leads us to constantly search for novel products that patients prefer. We invest heavily in research and development, both onsite at each of our five manufacturing plants, and at our 50-person, dedicated R&D center in Bordeaux.

Product development for Europe and US registration 

Quality By Design (QbD) Development

These facilities provide several benefits:

  • Offer a wide range of pharmaceutical and device development services, and allow us to work with customers through scale-up to clinical and commercial manufacture.
  • Formulate the growing number of “off-the-shelf” products that are available for our customers to immediately brand, market, and sell.
  • Research and create innovative Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) to improve the lives of patients, and keep our customers competitive in the marketplace.