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Gannat, France

Dry Forms and Generics

The Gannat dry forms site handles products in Phase III trials, and develops generics and medical devices.

Our highly experienced R&D team assesses the early stage process and converts it for pilot equipment and later for manufacturing under real industrial conditions.

A 10 l tank in our pilot workshop is used to develop and manufacture various dry forms: effervescent and chewable tablets, dispersible and orodispersible tablets and ready-to-use powder stick-packs. Tableting and powder stick-pack filling operations are performed under industrial conditions.

The pilot batch sizes of 10 l at pilot scale will reach 0.5 to 1.5 t depending on the process and tablets or stick-pack weights.

Our R&D teams are experienced, flexible, and able to adapt to a range of formulations and processes. They work diligently to meet all specified trial schedules and deadlines.