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Colomiers, France

Liquids Manufacturing for Clinical Trials

The Colomiers non-sterile liquid site develops products for Phase II and III trials, and for generics and medical devices.

Our highly experienced R&D team assesses the early stage process and converts it for pilot equipment and later for manufacturing under real industrial conditions.

With a dedicated pilot workshop housing a wide range of tank sizes, all kinds of liquid or semi-solid formulations can be manufactured: solutions, suspensions, emulsions and gels.

Fill-finish in bottles or stick-packs is automated and performed in pilot conditions before industrial scale-up.

Pilot batches range from 50 l to 1,000 l. They can scale up to 3,000 to 10,000 l depending on the type of process and volume of the bottles (10 ml to 300 ml) or stick-packs (2 to 10 ml).