Since 2017 Unither Pharmaceuticals contributes to ADPVK (Development association of the Kou valley fisherman camp) that was founded by Emanuel SANOU Kou, a valley fisherman and Philippe RACAUD in 2014 to help the fishermen families’ community of Vallée du Kou in Burkina Faso.

Last year we contributed to the drilling and the good installation process enabling more than 600 pupils from Bama to have access to drinking water. 

Sub-Saharan Africa countries are handicapped with one of the lowest literacy rates in the world: 30% in Burkina Faso compared to 99% in France. This project is part of the 2015-2020 MDG (Millennium Development Goals)  "Ensuring quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all".

This year we reiterate our donation for the construction of a multimedia library.

Please find the visual below for more details about the project:

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The “BB Dose”: a Unither innovation that guarantees more safety with the infant

serum physiologique 1

Unither Pharmaceuticals is the world leader in the production of sterile single-unit dosage forms using the Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) technology.

Since 1993, Unither Pharmaceuticals has been conducting various studies to better meet laboratories needs and thus facilitate patient medication intake. The new system brought by Unither, called "nose project", does not damage the baby's nose.

One of the studies conducted by UC/Consultants focuses on the use of physiological serum on infants. We found that mothers perceive the "physiological serum" as a neutral water, with a neutral pH, which does not necessarily contain antiseptic; Or a liquid such as blood. As for its use, the mothers always operate with a defined ritual, which shows their involvement around the product. Their expectations are very strong: the mothers are paying attention to every detail. The fear of hurting the baby with the (badly cut) tip and the risk of injury inside the nose remain present when using physiological serum.

Recently, Unither Pharmaceuticals partnered with Biolane to developed a single-unit dose featuring a more rounded tip that fits perfectly with babys’ nostrils. The “BB dose” guarantees a greater safety of the gesture of the mother with the infant. And avoids to skin him during the use of the physiological serum.

In addition to that, BFS technology enables the manufacture of preservative-free single-unit doses. Preservatives are recognized as potentially harmful to the sensitive mucosae of the eyes, nose, and lungs, so this is an enormous benefit to sensitive patients such as infants. Another advantage of unit-doses is that they are portable and easy to use individually, excellent properties for today’s active lifestyles. 

For more information on Biolane “BB Dose”, please consult