Unither Pharmaceuticals ship more than 3000 protective suits to support hospitals in Wuhan and Hubei province fighting the Coronavirus

First identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, the Coronavirus has killed more than 1000 people. According to AFP, Hubei is at the heart of the epidemic with 96% of registered deaths and 74% of contamination cases. The main symptoms of this contagious virus include fever, cough, chest pain, dyspnea (shortness of breath) and lead to more severe lower respiratory infections such as pneumonia.

« In the past few weeks, Wuhan and Hubei hospitals have been overwhelmed with the number of patients infected by the Coronavirus. Unither Pharmaceuticals has a local drug development centre in Wuhan and we want to help the local community. We therefore decided to work with the Hubei Charity Federation, in order to support local hospitals and the courageous doctors in their fight against this highly contagious and deadly virus » said Eric Goupil, CEO of Unither Pharmaceuticals.

Unither Pharmaceuticals teams (in China and in France) joined forces for this donation and successfully shipped protective clothing to hospitals and doctors in Wuhan and Hubei province. 3368 protective suits have been bought in France and sent to 9 hospitals and organizations located in Wuhan and in three severely impacted cities in the province - Huanggang, Xiaogan and Jingzhou.  

Our message to the doctors is “Jia You Wuhan! Jia You Hubei!”  Your efforts will be crowned with success !


优尼特尔制药紧急捐运3000多套防护服 助力武汉及湖北多家医院抗击新冠肺炎


优尼特尔制药集团CEO,Eric Goupil先生谈到:“在过去的几周时间,武汉和湖北的医院承受着巨大的收治压力,优尼特尔制药集团在武汉设立有药物开发中心,我们希望帮助当地度过难关。因此,我们决定通过湖北省慈善总会,资助当地医院和奋战在一线的医务工作人员抗击疫情。”


“加油武汉!加油中国!” 我们坚信,通过所有医务人员的辛苦奋战,我们必将成功战胜疫情!


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