Convenient and readily absorbedEffervescent tablets

Effervescent & ODT

Easy-to-take, preservative-free, portable,
and excellent for delivering larger amounts
of active ingredients
than a tablet could provide.

Effervescent tablets : Overview

Unither’s effervescent tablets are readily absorbed and act more quickly than traditional tablets.  An effervescent or orodispersible tablet is a handy way to take a medicine without water, as the tablet dissolves in the mouth.

Effervescent tablets are particularly useful for high dosage drugs when a regular tablet would be too big to swallow, even with water. They are also ideal for patients who experience difficulty swallowing. The primary applications are analgesics, vitamins and minerals, and in gastroenterology.

At our Gannat site, we can manage the full development of effervescent tablets from initial conception to the marketing stage, providing the benefit of our development expertise

Advantages of effervescent tablets

Effervescent tablets, also known as orodispersible tablets (ODT), make it easier for the patient to take medication, especially in patients with difficulty swallowing. The tablet dissolves rapidly in a glass of water to make a solution or a suspension that is ready for drinking.

A useful alternative to liquid medications when the active ingredient is not stable in a liquid medium, another advantage of the effervescent tablet is that it avoids the chemical preservatives that are sometimes needed in liquid forms.


Our effervescent tablets are packaged in tubes with a desiccant capsule inserted in the stopper. The tubes are handy, robust and easy to carry, and protect the tablets until their expiry date.

Easy to use, effervescent tablets are the ideal medium for products that contain a high quantity of active pharmaceutical ingredients which cannot be delivered in conventional tablet form, as the conventional tablet would be too big to swallow. Additionally, with effervescent tablets the active ingredient is more quickly and readily absorbed than in traditional tablets. Effervescent tablets are often used in therapeutic areas for analgesic treatments or in food supplements.

Unither has over 20 years’ experience in effervescent tablet technology: our R&D teams have developed several products which have brought our customers success in the European market. Unither effervescent tablet technology is available at one of our production sites in France. The site is fully inspected and accredited by the relevant European Authorities, enabling the products to be sold on the European market.

Our teams undertake tech-transfer of products developed by our customers or third parties. They also undertake full development of effervescent tablets on a custom basis. Thanks to our highly trained on-site dedicated R&D teams with dedicated pilot plants, we have the know-how, equipment and expertise to manage product development from the earliest stages.

orange Gannat, France
Tablet line
Delivering 450 million tablets per year
Weights from 2g to 5g
Factory Green

Rochester, NY USA
Tablet line
Delivering 450 million tablets per year
Weights from 2g to 5g


Key figures about effervescent and orodispersible tablets

  • An installed capacity of over 450 million tablets per year.
  • Weights from 2 g to 5 g
  • Blending, wet granulation
  • Very low humidity conditions for effervescent tablets
  • Specific expertise in effervescent tablets
  • Specific know-how in the manufacturing of:
    • Water-sensitive products
    • Light-sensitive products
  • Pilot equipment for small batches (tech-transfer and clinical batches)
  • Analytical R&D and QC laboratories for method development and validation, ICH stability studies, quality control and release

Picture of effervescent tablet by unither