Unither Pharmaceuticals


Unither's goal is to provide innovative, competitive and sustainable
solutions to its customers to extend their product lines.
By thinking differently, Unither provides its customers with delivery
forms that ultimately simplify patients' lives.

Improve, Update, Innovate

Our vision is to make affordable and user-friendly products that everyone in the world can use to improve their lives. These products are created as a result of our singular focus on convenient, modern dosage forms that are preferred by patients to whom they are offered.

Whether a customer works with us from an early stage to develop a custom product, brings their own product to us for fill-finish, or brands and markets one of our many ready-to-go formulations, the following single unit doses offer numerous advantages over legacy delivery forms:

  • Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) technology for sterile unit-doses
  • Liquid or powder stick-pack technology
  • Improved dry formulations
  • Patented drug delivery systems for per-buccal mucous administration

Unither Group has five specialty production sites with their own integrated R&D units plus one dedicated R&D center which also produces clinical batches.

BFS Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) technology for sterile unit-doses
Liquid Liquid Stick-Pack Technology
Powder Powder Stick-Pack Technology
Effervescent Improved dry formulations for better product properties
R&amp Patented drug delivery systems for per-buccal mucous administration