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Unither Pharmaceuticals launches ODtechTM platform: a range of technologies for ready-to-use oral forms

ODtechTM includes a range of several technologies that produce ready-to-use forms, adapted to modern lifestyle, answering to difficulties encountered by patients when taking their drugs (dysphagia, unpleasant taste, tablet size…):

- Stick-pack packaging technology, both for liquid and solid forms (Unistick®)

- Proprietary particle coating technology for effective taste masking

- Proprietary particle functionalization technology allowing for modified and customized release

- Patented formulation allows for ease of swallowing for the patient

These new solutions help to place the patient at the center of pharmaceutical companies' concerns, while allowing them to differentiate themselves from conventional forms, both in the OTC and prescribing drug market, whether for the launch of a new drug, or for a range of product line extensions. Other innovative solutions will soon be added to the ODtechTM platform.