Improve, Update, Innovate

Our vision is to make affordable and user-friendly products that everyone in the world can use to improve their lives. These products are created as a result of our singular focus on convenient, modern dosage forms that are preferred by patients to whom they are offered.

Whether a customer works with us from an early stage to develop a custom product, brings their own product to us for fill-finish, or brands and markets one of our many ready-to-go formulations, the following single unit doses offer numerous advantages over legacy delivery forms:



Tablets are particularly useful for high dosage drugs when a regular tablet would be too big to swallow, even with water. They are also ideal for patients who experience difficulty swallowing. The primary applications are analgesics, vitamins and minerals, and in gastroenterology.


 Suppositories & Ovules

Suppositories and pessaries are an ideal mode of administration of a drug when the oral route is not possible due to nausea or vomiting. This is one of the best ways to avoid the first-path effect, which lowers the efficacy of a drug product. At our Gannat site, we can manage the full development of suppositories and pessaries from initial concept to marketing.