Increased efficacy and local treatmentSuppos

Suppositories & Pessaries

Improves efficacy by avoiding the first-path effect,
excellent for local disorders, well-suited for infants
who could not swallow a tablet.

Suppositories and pessaries : Overview

Suppositories and pessaries are an ideal mode of administration of a drug when the oral route is not possible due to nausea or vomiting. This is one of the best ways to avoid the first-path effect, which lowers the efficacy of a drug product. At our Gannat site, we can manage the full development of suppositories and pessaries from initial concept to marketing.

Advantages of suppositories and pessaries

Suppositories and pessaries provide a quick and easy to administer dosage form that is particularly suited to babies and young children with fever or nausea as it is. Suppositories and pessaries can also be particularly useful in treating migraines and acute headaches when the stomach cannot tolerate medication. The main areas of application are anti-fever, anti-headache and analgesics. Suppositories can also treat local disorders such as hemorrhoids.

Pessaries are designed to treat vaginal disorders, using compounds such as hormones and anti-fungals.


Suppositories and pessaries are usually packaged in blister packs.

We have more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing suppositories and pessaries. We have implemented this technology at one production site in France.  The site is fully inspected and accredited by the relevant European Authorities, enabling the products to be sold on the European market.

Our teams undertake tech-transfer of products developed by our customers or third parties. They also undertake full development of suppositories and pessaries on a custom basis. Thanks to our highly trained on-site dedicated R&D teams with dedicated pilot plants, we have the know-how, equipment and expertise to manage product development from the earliest stages.

orange Colomiers, France
Bottle lines 
Delivering 50 million pharmaceutical bottles per year
Bottle contents from 10 mL to 300 mL

Gannat, France
Ovulas : Delivering 20 million blisters per year
Weights from 1.5 g to 2.6 g

Key figures about psuppositories and pessaries

  • An installed capacity of over 20 million blisters per year for hormonal line and 20 million blisters per year on an additional line.
  • Weights from 1.5 g to 2.6 g
  • Use of dedicated tanks for very viscous semi-solid preparations
  • Specific expertise in suppositories and pessaries
  • Specific know-how in the manufacturing of hormonal and non-hormonal drug products
  • Pilot equipment for small batches (tech-transfer and clinical batches)
  • Analytical R&D and QC laboratories for method development and validation, ICH stability studies, quality control and release

picture of suppositories