Ni ZENG - General Development Manager China - Paris site 

I’m Ni Zeng, pharmacist and PhD as education background. My journey in Unither started in May 2012 which was my third year in France. During my master 2 training in AGEPS (AP-HP), I had the chance to get into touch with Marc Maury, scientific director of Unither for a R&D collaboration between Paris Descartes University, AP-HP and Unither, for which I strongly felt the ambition of Unither on innovation. After three years’ PhD, I was officially hired by Unither as development project manager, thanks to management’s trust, in 2017 I became general development manager China. My mission has been to establish the first footprint in China by founding a WOFE subsidiary, hiring people, developing business and also R&D projects. Today we have a motivating and dynamic team in Wuhan. Due to my 10 years’ living experience in France, my routing work is not only to manage local activities, but also to facilitate the intercultural communication, a good understanding is challenging but essential for an international growth.  

Unither for me is the place to explore my potential and talent, the very open atmosphere and strong support on employee’s professional development allow me to keep learning, growing and bringing values to the company.    

Stéphane ANDRE - Chief Operating Officer - Gannat site

I joined UNITHER Industries in Gannat in February 2008.
For more than 10 years, I have had the opportunity to see my skills and responsibilities evolve to contribute to the Group's success.
I have held several positions in the methods, maintenance, engineering and production departments. And today I am a passionate Head of Operations.
Every day is a new challenge where all decisions and actions contribute to the achievement of the objectives and count for the future of the Gannat site.
Gannat's difficult past and UNITHER DNA have forged reliable, dynamic and inventive teams.
Faced with the challenges of everyday life, we strive to remain united and maintain a good working atmosphere.
The UNITHER Group gives you the opportunity to grow with it and nothing is impossible.


Laury DUCATEZ LIVEMONT - Corporate Development Projects Manager - Paris site

When I joined Unither in 2004, I thought I would stay there for 5 to 6 years to gain a first experience. Here I am in 2019 still at Unither, more motivated and invested in my work than ever.
After various operational functions in pharmaceutical development, (Development Engineer and Project Manager at two production sites, Head of Development and Head of Development and Validation of the Amiens site), Unither has me allowed us to move into a position of Group Development Project Manager in the Innovation and Development department. I went from industrialization to pharmaceutical design upstream.
Today my daily life is rich both technically by the diversity of activities - galenic, analytical, clinical and industrial - as by the management of interfaces - group factories - subcontractors, partners and health authorities - all in a multicultural environment.
Unither is a dynamic society that creates an environment conducive to change and new opportunities. It's up to you to seize them!

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