Unither supports innovation in the interest of patients.

We are constantly looking for innovations to improve our patients' lives and our customers' satisfaction. We do not claim to invent, but rather to innovate by providing improvements and new solutions that take us forward. By offering more creative responses to its customers' needs, Unither deploys global solutions that go beyond the development and manufacture of healthcare products: co-development, technology platforms, regulatory strategy and drafting, understanding the reality of a market and its players, etc.

Nathalie MASSON, Head of Innovation & Development


Unither currently has a number of projects under development: original combinations of known active ingredients, new routes of administration (Uniflash: transmucosal by mouth), innovative galenic formulations (Sol-gel: an ophthalmic solution that gels in situ on contact with tears for prolonged efficacy and improved patient comfort).

Within this framework of innovation, we have also extended the Blow-Fill-Seal technology to the injectable (Euroject) and diagnostic markets.

In this constant spirit of innovation, we wanted to go beyond pharmaceutical products and offer our laboratory customers an e-health solution, by launching the start-up Curecall (an intelligent SMS tool to ensure better monitoring of chronic patients). For Unither, this project will enable us to provide new services to our customers: compliance, real-life data, patient pathways, clinical trials, etc.

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