Uniflash®: a needle-free injection

Uniflash® is a single-dose oromucosal solution for oral administration. The efficacy and speed of action of this new non-invasive transmucosal route of administration are comparable to that of an intravenous injection.

Thanks to this patented technology, lipophilic or amphiphilic molecules are rapidly absorbed through the oral mucosa. This highly vascularised mucosa allows the drug to pass rapidly into the bloodstream, thus considerably reducing the famous "hepatic first pass effect". This hepatic passage reduces the efficacy of the drug through metabolisation. Thus, by avoiding this passage effect, the quantity of active ingredient to be delivered at each intake is reduced, thus limiting the potential adverse effects of the drug.


  • Elimination of the notorious « hepatic first pass effect »*
  • Improved absorption with the oral route
  • Less active ingredient administered: increased drug safety, less risk of overdose
  • Optimal speed of action

*The first hepatic pass is the transformation of the drug during its first passage through the liver, before it reaches the systemic circulation, during oral administration.



  • Patented oromucosal solution
  • Liquid stick-pack: a pre-measured, ready-to-use, portable dose format that can be taken without water
  • Specially designed opening of the stick-pack to facilitate oral administration
  • Mini stick-pack format (1 to 2ml): practical advantage and contributes to proper use


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