Diagnostic – Diluents & Reagents

Diagnostic testing using Rnase-free Blow-Fill Seal vials

We support diagnostic companies with capacity solutions (200 million doses dedicated to diagnostic solutions) and innovative technologies (turnkey products, development & manufacturing of customized solutions).

Different formats are available in sizes ranging from 0.22 to 5 mL, with the option of developing a custom format to meet your needs. These are developed and manufactured using innovative Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) technology. These Diluent or Immuno-Reagent single-use vials provide highly accurate results within minutes when applied to test materials (PCR, nucleic acid and antigen tests and rapid tests using paper strip or nasal swab.

Our safe, easy-to-handle BFS solutions are used in home and healthcare test kits. To formulate and produce these cOur safe, easy-to-handle, Diluent or Immuno-Reagent BFS solutions are used in home and healthcare test kits. To develop and produce these convenient vials, we work closely with our testing kit customers. These devices are adapted to multiple diagnostic testing kits, including COVID-19, that can be used to diagnose a variety of conditions (Flu, …).

Two types of offer:

  • Turnkey products provider: buffered, isotonic or hypertonic saline solutions
  • Development and manufacturing of a customized solution adapted to your specific needs



  • Adaptable batch size: medium to large
  • Cost effective: competitive solutions
  • Continuous supply ensured
  • Specific formats on request for large volumes
  • Advanced & safe aseptic filling process


  • Sterile
  • Rnase-free
  • Blow-Fill-Seal vials: 0,3ml, 1ml, 3ml, 5ml
  • Filling volume range: 0.22 to 5ml



Through our 5 BFS plants on three continents (in France, the United States and China) and an R&D development center, Unither is able to manage the development of a diluent or reagent from formulation to production.  These sites are inspected by top regulators worldwide (FDA, cGMP, EU GMP, etc.).

Manufacturing plants

Amiens, France

Coutances, France

Rochester, USA