Development and Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical dosage forms

Just a few decades ago unit dose packaging was appearing on the market. It has now become a form of reference in certain indications such as ophthalmology or rhinology. This is because the world of pharmaceuticals and drugs development is constantly changing: not only do researchers find new treatments and therapies, but prescribing practice evolves, as do patients’ lifestyles. 

Unit doses offer enhanced portability, ease of use, optimal product integrity, and dosage accuracy.  At Unither, we have been contract manufacturing unit doses for many years and can offer our customers various types of collaboration: from creating a customized new product, to repackaging or rebranding an existing one.

Pharmaceutical dosage forms:
our technologies

Unither offers a wide range of pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging technologies: Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) technology, preservative-free multidose, liquid stick-packs, pharmaceuticals bottles and sprays, tablets and capsules and suppositories and pessaries. Ophthalmological drugs, asthma treatments, analgesics, vitamins and food supplements, products for headaches, colds, coughs or digestive disorders … our single or multi-dose technologies can be adapted to many applications to facilitate patient compliance.

To find out more about all our pharmaceutical dosage forms and collaborating with Unither, please do not hesitate to contact us.