Euroject® – Injection

Euroject®: an innovative BFS-based device for single dose injection of therapeutics

Looking for an innovative device to inject your vaccine or biological? Our disruptive technology is easy and safe to use. We offer high filling capacities at a competitive cost!

Recent innovations have opened up the possibility of using BFS technology to design aseptic packaging systems combining the efficiency of high-throughput production with the highest guarantees of sterility. The result is a new type of pre-filled, single-dose disposable device that can be produced in very large numbers with a high-speed rotary machine, at very competitive production costs. Euroject® can contribute to greater equity in access to new vaccines and to ensuring safe vaccine administration, while being simple and cost effective.

Benefits for customers

  • Dedicated BSL2* building in our Amiens facility
  • Very large capacity: up to 1 billion doses per year
  • Competitive pricing
  • No risk of shortage in components and capacities
  • Opportunity for new markets (LMIC*)

*Biosafety level    *Low middle income countries


  • Blow-Fill-Seal technology
  • Open system, free of royalties
  • Adaptable to any type of needle
  • Different routes of administration for injection
  • Potential additional features

Euroject® study

How can our device improve healthcare professionals’ daily practices? Our study aimed to answer this question, so the new device could be tailored to their needs.

More than two thirds of health professionals would be willing to use this new injection device.

Find out why!


Technical sheets

The Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) process is an advanced aseptic process for which temperature management is essential. It provides primary packaging for a wide variety of products: nebulised inhalation medications, ophthalmic products and OTC medications, and injectable products. Download datasheets regarding temperature management and extractables and leachables in the Brow-Fill-Seal process by clicking here.






All French sites are subject to inspections by the European authorities, in order to manufacture products for the European markets. The Coutances site (France) and the Amiens site (France) are regularly inspected by the ANSM (Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament), the FDA (Food and Drug administration), the KFDA (Korean Food Drug and Administration) as well as other health authorities around the world.

Manufacturing plants

Amiens, France

Coutances, France