Innovation & Development

"Combining innovation with technical expertise allows us to offer the best health solutions that simplify and improve patients' lives. We do not claim to invent, but rather to innovate by providing improvements and new solutions that take us forward" says Nathalie MASSON, our Innovation & Development Director.


Do you have a product idea based on one of our technologies? We can help you develop and manufacture it.

By offering more creative responses to its customers' needs, Unither Pharmaceuticals deploys global solutions that go beyond the development and manufacture of healthcare products. It involves finding potential partners and facilitating exchanges.

Our offer includes:

  • pharmaceutical development according to the customer's specifications
  • co-development (complete or partial) with the customer,
  • patented technological platforms,
  • regulatory services (strategy and writing) for drugs and medical devices
  • management of clinical studies
  • organization of focus groups
  • access to a worldwide network of commercial partners

As a result of our group philosophy, we are able to offer our clients all the elements they require to meet their immediate needs as well as build their future strategy with them. Thanks to our global presence, we can support our clients in their industrial strategy abroad by being as close as possible to the markets.


Technology platforms:


Unither Pharmaceuticals offers patented technology platforms and know-how for development or co-development to support our customers in their technological challenges:

  • new routes of administration (Uniflash® : oral transmucosal)
  • innovative galenics (Sol-gel: an ophthalmic solution that gels in situ on contact with tears for prolonged efficacy and improved patient comfort)
  • new administration devices (Euroject®)
  • BFS packaging adapted to in vitro diagnostics

Our constant spirit of innovation led us to offer our laboratory customers an e-health solution by launching Curecall start-up (an intelligent SMS tool for better monitoring chronic patients). With this solution, Unither Pharmaceuticals can offer new services to its customers: compliance, real-life data, patient pathways, and clinical trials.

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