An Injection Without The Needle

One example of our R&D output is Uniflash®, a significant improvement in BTM (Buccal Transmucosal route) technology.

This new, non-invasive route of administration has efficacy comparable to an intravenous injection.

With this newly developed technology, lipophilic or amphiphilic molecules are rapidly absorbed through the buccal mucosae, and the lipophilic epithelial membrane. This highly vascular mucosa allows rapid access to the blood stream, via the sublingual and jugular veins.

This innovation enables pharmacodynamics comparable to injection, enabling direct distribution to the pulmonary and cardiac tissues, and then to the entire organism via the arterial system.

It also makes it possible to consider a signification reduction in the actual drug dosage required, since metabolism in the liver, the famous "first pass effect," is considerably reduced.



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