Practical dry forms

Unither Pharmaceuticals is able to provide a range of flexible services in the production of tablets and capsules. We can work with you from the earliest stages of R&D to create a new dry form, or we can be your partner in reformulating or packaging an existing product.


  • Maximum dosage: 500mg
  • Packaging: PVC/PVDC or alu/alu
  • Weight between 2gr and 5gr


  • Easy to carry
  • Pre-measured
  • Possibly breakable
  • Widespread traditional form


Our sites are subject to regular inspections by the FDA, Chinese authorities, ANVISA (Brazilian agency), etc.

Manufacturing plants and capacity

Rochester, USA
450 million tablets/year

Barretos, Brazil
1,5 billion tablets/year

40 million capsuls/year

Nanjing, China


Liquid Stick-Packs