Unither keeps on working and investing its efforts in ophthalmological research and development, with the main aim of making patients’ lives easier.

Unither’s ophthalmic know-how is expressed through developments on the Coutances and Amiens plants, as well as the laboratories of Bordeaux (France) and Wuhan (China); but also research work on the Sol-Gel technology carried out since 2012 (6 international scientific publications) initiated by Ni Zeng, General Development Manager China and carried on by Pierre-Louis Destruel, former Development Project Manager China.

It took over 3 years of research to deliver the final results on the mydriatic sol-gel, a novel ocular in situ gelling delivery system designed to  optimize the induction of diagnostic and preoperative mydriasis. This was made possible thanks to Unither teams and our fruitful collaboration with “Agence Générale des Equipements et Produits de Santé (AGEPS) AP-HP”, and “Unité de technologies chimiques et biologiques pour la santé, Université de Paris, CNRS, INSERM, Faculté de Pharmacie”

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