Traditional and cost-effective dosage method

Pharmaceutical bottles are cost-effective traditional dosage forms ideal for the oral administration of syrups, solutions and suspensions, particularly for products with adapted dosage, varying according to body weight.


  • Glass or plastic container (PET, HDPE, …)
  • Formulations with or without sugar and/or preservatives
  • Specific know-how concerning the manufacture of:
    – light-sensitive products;
    – plant extracts products
    – products with a high alcohol content (> 30 %)
  • Pilot equipment for small batches (tech-transfer and clinical batches)
  • Analytical R&D and quality control laboratories for method development and validation, ICH stability studies, quality control and release


  • products with adapted dosage with the addition of devices – measuring spoon, pipette, measuring cup, making it possible to administer doses based on the weight of babies or children, amongst other things
  • guarantees the safety of children with adapted caps: child proof resistant
  • ideal for oral administration of syrups, solutions and suspensions or for topical applications



We have three bottling sites: one in France, Brazil and one in the United States. The French site is inspected by the the French authorities (ANSM), allowing the products to be sold on the European market. The US site is controlled by the FDA (Food Drug and Administration) to be able to supply the American market, and the Brazilian site is controlled by ANVISA.

Manufacturing plants and capacity

Colomiers, France
40 million bottles/year
Filling: 10 mL to 300 mL

Rochester, NY USA

Barretos, Brazil
50 million bottles/year
Filling: 15 mL to 150 mL
+ high volume: 500 mL


Liquid Stick-Packs