Preservative-free single-unit-dosesBFS

Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS)

We are the world's number one producer of BFS products,
and have been making them products since 1993.
They allow preservative-free formulations, are convenient,
portable, and cost-effective.

Blow-fill-seal (BFS): presentation

As a worldwide leader, Unither has a unique offer in sterile unit-dose production using blow-fill-seal (BFS) technology. 

Through our 4 sites in North America and Europe, we can manage the development of a BFS product from concept to marketing, providing the benefit of our development expertise. Every day, we provide innovative blow-fill-seal technology solutions to improve customers’ products and extend existing product lines.

Our industrial network secures the supply of your products.

Picture of blow fill seal (BFS) vials


  • Unit dose
  • Sterile
  • 0,25ml to 10ml


  • preservative-free single-unit doses
  • ensures that the patient takes the correct amount of product
  • avoids waste of opened products and reach their expire date 
  • sterile unit-doses are portable and easy to use individually, excellent properties for today’s active lifestyles.  

Authorisations and agreements

  • FDA (USA),
  • EMEA (Europe),
  • ANVISA (Brazil),
  • SKFDA (South Korea),
  • and most of other authorities worldwide

Manufacturing plants and capacity


Manufacturing process