Spray - Nebulizer

Unither Liquid Manufacturing (ULM) in France, which manufactures semi-solid and liquid health products, handles the development and production of sprays.

We can help our clients reach their nasal project goals by providing expert guidance, tailoring our offering, overcoming challenges and providing longstanding experience in nasal products.

With our high-speed filling line, we can handle a wide range of nasal spray designs, including screw-on, crimp and snap-on pumps to meet the needs of each proiect.
As a method of delivering drugs to mucosal membranes and potentially the Central Nervous System, nasal sprays are extremely versatile. 



  • PET, PE, HDPE or glass bottles coated with PE film, oval or round shape
  • Volumes: 10 to 30mL
  • Dosing pump with clipper or nebulizer cannula, screwing cap
  • Single and double labelling
  • Case secured by glue
  • Serialization


  • The solution can be sterilized in line by sterilizing filtration 0,2µm
  • Turnkey products, from concept to finished product
  • A multidisciplinary and international team will meet all your regulatory, development and manufacturing needs.
  • Different formats: shape, material and size


The sites are regularly inspected by various authorities including: ANSM (France), EMA (Europe), SKFDA (South Korea) and most authorizations in the world.

Manufacturing plant and capacity

Colomiers, France

15 million sprays/year