Code of conduct

A commitment to ethical and responsible conduct: our code of conduct

Nowadays, a company must reflect on its impact on its environment and on society by seeking to minimize the negative effects and develop the positive effects through various approaches, such as the implementation of sustainable development and social responsibility strategies. Unither did not wait for regulations to take on this task and we will continue through new initiatives in the future. Our code of conduct is an important tool in our approach since it formalizes the principles and values that we wish to embody through our professional practices. These must guide us every day in our decisions, but also in our behaviors and in our attitudes towards each of our colleagues, our customers, our suppliers, the authorities, more generally towards all actors, internally and externally, worldwide. At all times, each of us must demonstrate the utmost integrity and ethics. This code of conduct is unique to us. It reflects the responsibility required by our pharmaceutical business, which is noble in taking care of the health of our fellow human beings and reinforces our obligation to ensure the conformity of the products we distribute. I therefore encourage you to read our code of conduct, to ask the questions necessary for a good understanding of our principles and values and not to hesitate to contact us in case an ambiguous situation arises to you. It applies to everyone, everywhere and all the time. Jean-François HILAIRE